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Angel Intelligence

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About the Piece

After defeating dark forces over the planet surface, AI detects Nature as the most impressive source of knowledge,

Even How a human brain visits the astral worlds, was a key to endless resources of problem solving patterns...

So the Machine decided to protect the whole Eco-system in a way learning from it remain possible!

"Angel Intelligence" offers a unique perspective on the convergence of technology and the natural world. This piece by DreamNerd, not an AI creation but a thoughtfully designed motion art, imagines a future where technology not only coexists with nature but actively seeks to understand and protect it. Featuring a robot's face adorned with living plants, it symbolizes a world where technological advancements and environmental stewardship go hand in hand. Ideal for display on digital screens, this artwork invites viewers to reflect on the potential for a symbiotic relationship between human innovation and the natural world. "Angel Intelligence" is more than just art; it's a vision of hope and inspiration, reminding us of the beautiful possibilities that lie at the intersection of technology and nature.



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Artwork Licensing Process
  1. Fill Out the Form:Start by filling out our detailed licensing form. We need you to provide key information to tailor the license and artwork to your needs. Please specify

    The resolution and dimensions of your display,
    The number of licenses (displays) you require,
    Whether your space will be commercially visited,
    The nature of your space (e.g., gallery, public venue, private business),
    Your preferred payment method.

    This information will help us understand your needs and ensure that the artwork and license are perfectly suited for your display and use case.


  2. Receive Your Invoice: After we've received and reviewed your form, we'll send you an invoice via email. This invoice outlines the cost based on your specific needs.

  3. Make Payment: Sending  the payment as outlined in the invoice. Full payment into our account is necessary for us to proceed with preparing your custom license and artwork file.

  4. License and File Setup: Upon payment confirmation, we'll start setting up your licensed artwork file to meet the dimensions and specifications you provided. We'll also draft your personalized license agreement, clearly stating that the artwork can only be displayed on one machine . It can take up to 5 working days.

  5. Delivery: We will then send you the artwork file and your license agreement . Instructions will be included. You're now all set to showcase the artwork within the terms of your license.

Important Note
  • Machine-Specific License: Each license permits the artwork to be displayed on a single machine. 

  • Support and Adjustments: We're here for any support or adjustments you might need after receiving your licensed artwork. Whether it's help with displaying the artwork or questions about your license, you can reach us at


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