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GrowInfinite final steps to get ready

How it started?

From first days of my experience about 3d and CGI ( 2001 ) world was representing in my mind as lots of 3d models with amazing textures and some nice render :)

But trees where something different to me, It was looking pretty hard for someone to build all branches, leaves and other details manual... so lesson 1 : IT IS CREATED USING A SYSTEM!


After years of attempt to check different softwares and plugins it was feeling like I wanted more! I was in search of GROWTH animation! they could do something but where pretty hard to achieve an special shot using them...

In this while I was following Houdini news an tutorials, Imagination about starting a project using H was really looking magical to me, but finally I started to use Houdini from the beginning of 2017  to create some works in a company and within first month I started my Research and Development. the results after several months was the following video:

Right after this release I've been in radar of people who had the same interest : GROW
So progressively I tried to understand Houdini Digital Assets and how they can simplify things for my R&D process... 
It was like developing tools daily, saving them from your own danger XD , and having several days of backup whenever you feel there is an unsolvable problem in need of undoing 3 days :((((
In this process I dived deeper and deeper in what I loved to have, on of more killing developments for me was having a bending system which has an organic look and be able to react the growth, it had lots of problems at beginning and in some point I felt I cant handle this one but it finally start to work and the result was nice, Side Fx featured it in their world building reel in 2019 as well as several websites... 

The moment this all functions started to work together was something special for me, like having this all years of hard work finally starting to be functional, so for now it is my most expensive NFT available out there:

Right now everything I create is being done using this system which is called GrowInfinite and is also available on Gumroad!

To make it possible for more people learn how it can handle hard to achieve visual effects I stablished Fxmode YouTube channel and there you can find GrowInfinite is not just the ultimate solution for Growing trees and fractals, but it is also a 2 hour shortcut for a one month development process of a creature like Venom Symbiote!!!

You can also check what I've created using Growinfinite for Houdini 19 | Sneak Peek and get more idea about how my development process was by reading the interview I had with 3dworld magazine Sep release of 2021!

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Mojtaba Oriuee

Some artwork created by GrowInfinite

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