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A Generative Sculpture Collection Driven By

Throne Concept!

Let’s keep it simple! Are you ready to build some kingdom? If so, please just consider even if it is a kingdom, it would be decentralized …

Dear Kings and Queens! Owners of 4 none gold crowns will receive a golden crown from the primary market... Also owners of 2 golden crowns will receive a colorful crown! 👑 For each none-gold color there would be Max of 20 unique pieces.

Progressively more means of your kingdom will be minted!⚔️🗡️🏰💂 I will split 20% of one of my next items in this collection with 2 investor who have maximum number of collection items on each new title!

p.s. all of crowns are machine generated with lots of rules I defined in years of developing my Houdini toolset called Growinfinite and is available on Gumroad ;) plus some custom mechanisms for these guys...

The concept behind having 100 different Crowns is some effort to share an special idea about any human being in the future world. That concept is: The better world will come just when the majority of people want it...

Long live NFTs ✌️

Created by Mojtaba Oriuee

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