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Alborz TVC

In this project, the producer aimed to craft an engaging narrative to enhance brand awareness, creating a story featuring a child who leads dinosaurs in a quest to protect water resources... :)


I served as the director for this TV commercial, and despite the challenges of shooting in snowy winter conditions, we adapted our production approach to only capture the desert scenes with the boy. After the shoot, I enhanced the footage by adding camera motion to the static shots. Furthermore, for the shots that already included camera movement, I introduced an additional layer of motion to further amplify the narrative impact of the scenes.

Faced with a tight deadline, I crafted a single rock for the environment and then replicated it, adjusting the sizes to create the illusion of a diverse rocky landscape.


The look development and color grading posed fantastic challenges, and to meet these efficiently, we utilized Redshift for rendering, allowing us to achieve our desired aesthetic swiftly and effectively.

CG Supervisor:Mohammad Sanifar
Director and CG lead: Mojtaba Oriuee
Production Manager: Salar Saeedi
Animate: Arash Ehsan
Character TD: Hamed Haajmolaali
Compositors : Mohammad Sani, Sahar Manuchehri, Hamid Bastaki, Abolfazl Hosseini
Fluid Simulation: Amir Mohammadzadeh
Previz : Alireza Farhadi
Environment , Layout , Lighting , Rendering: Mojtaba Oriuee
Director of photography: Sina Kermani
Assistant Director: Reza Paya
Set and cloth Designer: Monir Razizadeh
Actor: Mohammad Taha
Sound Design: Peyman Moadi

Softwares: 3dsmax , Redshift , ZBrush , Aftereffects,

Hope you enjoy ;)

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